In today’s global economy businesses are more dynamic than ever before and the key to success lies in being nimble. Software projects often reflect this reality. Projects need to get started quickly, with evolving requirements, rapid alterations and tight timelines.

At Netpro we know that the traditional software development methodology may not always fit the needs of the project development. Delivery slippages, omitting important functionalities, poor quality product are just some of the results of such a development methodology choice.

Increasingly, we adopt Agile Development Methodology for many of our projects and clients. Agile methodology is ideally suited to meet the challenges of the dynamic requirements. It also encourages team work and collaboration between diverse and distinct teams often located in geographical and different time zones as also development that is driven by vision and business needs rather than inflexible requirement documents.

Agile Development Methodology will help you achieve the following advantages over traditional methodologies: 

  1. Global product development through strong collaboration across development teams
  2. Cooperation between business and software teams
  3. Reduced risks through complete visibility and accountability at each stage of the software development life-cycle
  4. Short (2-4 week) development cycles with quick starts
  5. Iterative, feature-based delivery
  6. A potentially shippable product at the end of the each cycle
  7. Adaptive rather than predictive approach
  8. Use of automated build, test and quality review processes to improve quality and productivity

By adopting Agile Development methodology, our clients have derived significant benefits in terms of quick incremental deliveries, product as per business specifications and reduced costs. 

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