Faced with increasing levels of information filtering throughout the enterprise, critical business data can be leveraged to empower your operations. Business intelligence enables companies to provide knowledge workers with the data they need to make more informed business decisions. Over time, these decisions can have a dramatic bottom-line impact on the business.

Business intelligence solutions integrate data from operational systems (ERP, SCM, CRM etc.) and the web, turning that data into critical knowledge and thus enabling the business and be more responsive to dynamic market conditions.

Our solutions help you with:

  • Product Performance measurement
  • Measuring Customer performance and providing customer intelligence (trends and behavior)
  • Measuring sales performance for greater visibility and accountability to sales and marketing
  • Measure Marketing campaigns
  • Order and Shipment trends

Our professionals are expert in developing data warehouse architectures, data models and analytics to help you improve your enterprise performance and remain ahead of the competition. Whether you need to establish a better back-end server system such as migrating to SQL Server 2005, or analyzing your existing data models to identify new opportunities, we are there to assist you.

Our solution takes the approach of making the information available anytime, anywhere by leveraging the .NET Framework. This enables the users to have a high level of acceptability, as they can get the most out of the knowledge store using familiar and convenient tools.

Our Business Intelligence solutions are built using Proclarity Analytic platform, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft Office, and the Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 platform to ensure highest reliability, scalability, security, and extensibility.

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