Enterprise portals are great enablers, facilitating you to exchange data and information with your employees, suppliers, partners and customers quickly and effectively. It can aid your business by moving your custom applications that you use today into a single, universal, and easily accessible interface.  With inbuilt support for security, personalization, search ability, document indexing, etc. you can get started rapidly.

Whether you want to develop an online contact database for employees, a collaborative project management tool, or an employee self-service application to reduce costs, an enterprise portal could be just the tool you need to tie together your applications in an intuitive way.

Among other benefits portal will offer a major advantage of providing centralization that adds to the productivity and hence increased profits. Typically, it will first organize content intelligently, offering the most relevant content to your users. It utilizes maximum information thus making valuable but under-utilized data available to those who need it. With “Role-based” access design for the users such as employees, strategic partners and investors, it will address their information need and their specific priorities. Easy, online access, quick modification and content management and quick response & feedback loop makes it a compelling solution for all mid sized to large businesses.  Desktop personalization and authorized desktop access offers a secure desktop environment.

Additionally, portal helps in building a strategic business tool for profiling customer, segmentation, sales organization, time & contact management, sales force automation, marketing, and service automation and many more.

We offer tailored portal development solutions with our architects and developers working closely with your project and business teams using today's most productive technologies.

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