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  1. Complete Lifecycle: Tentacle covers the entire customer lifecycle -
  1. Prospect -Leverage marketing database, cross sales/up sales databases to run sales campaigns
  2. Acquire - Generate new business thru telesales and support multiple distributions channels.
  3. Service - Manage service requests and track Turn around times to deliver world-class customer service.
  4. Retain - Proactively retain customers through outbound campaigns and follow-up management.
  1. Inbound/Outbound: Tentacle covers both modes of communication keeping the customer experience consistent. Inbound and outbound communication can handle geographically distributed call centers access through central contact information.
  2. Know your Customer: Tentacle provides a central customer and prospect information across lines of business or even group companies. All customer interaction information is also centralized. This ensures accurate and consistent customer history.
  3. Multi Distribution channel: Based on product and channel definitions Tentacle caters to multiple distribution channels ensuring seamless fulfillment of leads and service.
  4. Telesales: Tentacle provides comprehensive telesales software functionality to ensure an agent maximizes on sales opportunities on inbound as well as outbound communications.
  5. Retention Ageing: One of the most powerful features of Tentacle is retention ageing, as it ensures accurate management of renewals and status tracking. Tentacle offers proactive outbound calls for renewals. Ageing logic is highly parameterized to suit diverse business requirements.
  6. Integration with Marketing Campaigns: Tentacle provides tracking of campaigns for sales and retention giving critical insight into campaign reports and customer preferences.
  7. Personal Tools: Tentacle offers tools for the agent to be on top of things, ensuring no activity goes unfulfilled.
  8. Easy to use: Tentacle's agent user interface has been optimized to reduce duration of call and navigation across screens without over loading the users with too much information.
  9. Knowledge Management: Each interaction with customer / prospect will go to build a knowledge base for improving customer service, satisfaction and retention. It captures various details of interaction with prospects / customers to track and measure issues and performance catering to implementation of improvements.
  10. Integration: Using the best in technology Tentacle's architecture is open and flexible to integrate with back office / legacy systems.

For more information contact: tentacle@netprotechnologies.com

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