LEGACY VERSIONS TO eDeveloper v10:

Netpro has proven expertise in eDeveloper, the award-winning Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, from Magic Software Enterprise. eDeveloper enables us to work in a more time-efficient way, so changes and amendments can be made throughout the development and evolution of your system. It simply means that we can show you screens right from the start - so initial drafts can be quickly modified and your feedback can be rapidly integrated into the evolving system.  On-going changes can be made until you are happy with the solution.

The current version of eDeveloper i.e. v10, provides you with industry leading composite applications capability, enhanced engine behavior, application development, version control and debugging features, all of which let you develop in the most robust rapid application development and deployment environment ever. In order to deliver you such diverse functionality, a fundamental re-write of the Magic engine has been undertaken by Magic Enterprise. At the same time, they have ensured that it still maintains a large degree of compatibility to enable an easy transition from eDeveloper 9 to eDeveloper v10. eDeveloper v10 fully adopts XML, bringing developers enhanced capabilities for XML handling.

eDeveloper has always been known for great productivity features that bring substantial ROI and business value. RAD enhancement features in eDeveloper v10 include sub-forms and user-defined functions. In fact, eDeveloper v10 is packed full of enhancements that benefit both developers and end-users alike. And best of all, eDeveloper v10 has gone through the most complete and thorough beta-test of any software product in Magic’s 20-year history.

Some benefits of upgrading:

  1. Concurrent Task Execution –with eDeveloper V10, background enterprise servers and Online programs are multi-threaded. This gives you the ability to have parallel task execution in your projects for both batch and online tasks. With eDeveloper, multiple contexts are maintained automatically and controlling contexts is simplified tremendously compared to unnecessarily complex 4GL and 3GL development systems. Each thread accesses a different Runtime context, and does not interact with other threads.

  2. eDeveloper V10 now supports both multiple document interfaces and single document interfaces and gives developer control over the way contexts are handled. It helps developer work with multiple threads in online programs, further simplifying development of applications that meet the needs and demands of end users.

  3. Event Posting – Enable full interaction between all concurrent processes using the inter-context event posting mechanism. It is accomplished via the Destination Context Name property of the Raise Event operation. The mechanism allows for synchronous and asynchronous events. If a synchronous event was raised, the context waits until the receiving handler ends. It also gives the developer all of these options and doesn't restrict the developer to stateless contexts without interaction.

  4. Window Focus Management – Using a simple set of functions and events eDeveloper gives you a full control over the focus management of all your windows. Easily handle lost-focus events and easily instruct a window to get focus.

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