With the arrival and proliferation of newer standards, and major shifts in the way IT is being used to support business, thousands of enterprises must consider whether to convert their existing technology. Over years, Magic has served you well, but as new standards emerge and business demands intensify and grow, you need a platform that is open, advanced, flexible, secure, reliable and widely adopted.

While migration or modernization (if you prefer to call it that) is often a solution of choice, the costs, risks and technological challenges associated with it can make it appear a rather demanding and taxing project and experience. This is where Netpro steps in and offers a feasible and effective solution.

Netpro’s proprietary migration process, which includes the magNET tool and related conversion methodology, provides automated conversion from Magic eDeveloper to Microsoft .NET, which gives you the performance, scalability and usability you need for your future projects and solutions. With magNET, Netpro delivers the power of .NET to independent software vendors (ISVs) and other developers who face the challenges of maintaining Magic applications.

Our approach

  1. Our migration approach starts with the very foundation of understanding your business needs
  2. Our highly experienced professionals proceed to technical evaluation of your existing applications, resulting in a strategy and methodology, which is well suited for your case
  3. Using our automated conversion process, your applications are migrated to achieve the functional equivalence of your legacy application
  4. Our team can then customize and extend your applications - whether it is integration, web enabling, incorporating new modules, optimizing for performance or enhancing end user experience
  5. Complete knowledge transfer and documentation including functional specifications, architecture documentations, QA plans, test scripts, automated test utilities, etc. are provided to ensure a smooth handover to your technical staff
  6. Our expert professionals work as an extension of your in-house technical team providing support and maintenance services, as required

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