With the growing availability of wireless Internet access and the popularity of mobile devices, companies are looking to leverage these technologies to provide easier and quicker access to information. These technologies, combined with the robust functionality of the development tools and platforms, let companies give workers better tools that ease their daily activities, increase productivity, and provide instant access to information.

A prime example of this is seen in the field force. Instant access to information is critical in the field, but isn't always possible. With field representatives constantly on the road and information flowing from several different points, it becomes difficult for them to get instant access to information. On the other hand, it is difficult for management to get a status of the field thus resulting in huge inefficiencies in the operations.

Most industries are beginning to roll out PocketPC computers to their partners, customer and their field marketing teams. As computing moves closer to the customer, enterprise PocketPC computers mean employees, partners and customers will be able to obtain and provide better and more accurate data; duplication of effort will be eliminated, and response and sales cycles will be shortened.

The benefits are enormous - Imagine the profit-building implications. No longer will business decisions in the field be delayed due to field staffs' inability to access complete client and product information or provide an on-the-spot quote. In addition, think of the productivity gains arising from users no longer having to travel to and from the corporate information. Information can be captured once-as the business occurs, wherever and whenever, that may be.

Mobile computing typically offers following benefits:

Optimize Organizational Performance

  • Decrease the costs and increase the impact of training and education
  • Increase employee retention, development and organizational efficiency
  • Systematically develop workforce competence to build an efficient team

Accelerate Information Delivery

  • Deliver and retrieve information in real-time to teams and individuals
  • Eliminate paper and non-value-added customer touch points and administrative activities
  • Eliminate error-prone data collection and manual entry

Increase Management Insight

  • Measure and manage productivity and cycle times in real-time
  • Turn strategy into action and ensure that the entire company is working toward a common goal

Netpro has the depth of expertise to roll out mobile solutions for the enterprise using Microsoft's PocketPC. Whether you are looking for an always online model or the online-offline model, our capabilities span a complete gamut of technologies; PocketPC, Smart Phones, .NET Compact Framework & Visual Studio 2003.

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