The relevance and success of the Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become the de-facto business model for the IT economy. This is apparent from the phenomenal growth rate of ODC’s which makes it a definite business proposition. ODC echoes the success of cost efficiencies and time advantages with no uncertainty.

Netpro Technologies has a proven track record of delivering these services to clients; using its Managed Offshore Development Center (MODC) delivery model.

MODC is usually a long-term engagement where both the client and the service provider share "market value" created by the relationship. It involves setting up of a dedicated ODC with a shared vision and goals. The client assures work for a dedicated number of resources for a significant amount of time. The client would also define and detail the type of work it would outsource and the skill set and levels that the offshore partner should provide. If need be the client would also project the resource ramp up or down required at specific periodicity.

At service provider’s end these teams are reserved exclusively for client's projects and are exclusively trained to work in the client's domain and technology area. Further, a relationship / process manual are compiled that reflects the standards, workflow, processes, methodologies and the escalation procedures which are to be adapted for the client's ODC. A review mechanism and a management team is setup to monitor and check the barometer of the relationship and various service levels.

Netpro Technologies is well placed to offer superior ODC services through its quality infrastructure & facilities, uninterrupted communication links, dedicated Project / Program Managers and a strong administration and resourcing team. Our certified team of software professionals and well documented process will ensure the success of each engagement.


  • Virtual extension of client’s operating environment in India
  • Provides enormous cost benefits
  • Exploits time zone advantage
  • Allows focus on core competencies
  • Facilitates dedicated software teams with long term focus
  • Enables knowledge retention


  • Protection of IP
  • Customer friendly Exit Policy
  • Reliable security, backup and confidentiality policies
  • Ramp up and Ramp down flexibility
  • Well documented project progression and review reports
  • Risk Management Plan
    • Low Attrition rate and proper Knowledge Management
    • Structured knowledge transition and skill orientation


These are best suited for the new / start-up companies and/or at the launching of new product(s). Netpro takes complete responsibility for the delivery of your product / service. The delivery team collaborates closely with your product management team to ensure on time product delivery as per the specifications.

These are more suited for established companies and/or existing product(s). Here the customer will work with one of our Program Managers, who will be a single point of contact and would manage day-to-day operations and administer the productivity of the development team. Customer controls the team directly and takes the responsibility for its delivery, thus this ODC model serves as an extension of the customer's onshore team.

These are suited for the companies that are intending to establish and operate an offshore dedicated development center in the long run but do not have software development/ physical presence in the offshore country/ location. To reduce their risks, cost and time, Netpro will build the facility and infrastructure, staff and operate the ODC during the initial phase, sort out the kinks, and then transfer with predefined schedules all the ODC resources, infrastructure, operational knowledge and staff to the customer as an independent entity.