We provide product-engineering services from concept validation stage through design and development, to packaging/ product launch. This service is further supported by allocation of dedicated resources till the software product stabilizes and if necessary, for future upgrades of the product.

Netpro focuses more on understanding customer needs, achieve better product positioning and enhance customer satisfaction. We provide skilled architects with the knowledge of today’s operating environments, engineers with specific, deep technical knowledge, project managers with experience in getting projects done in a global, disparate  environment, and teams skilled in the latest software product engineering methodologies. Acceleration of your software product development and reducing your time to market is our goal. Our high quality, cost-effective and business-focused approach to Product Design and Engineering Services has helped our clients reap significant year-on-year benefits.

We extend the capabilities of your engineering teams through:

  • Extensive command over technology
  • Comprehensive understanding of your business issues
  • Global delivery project management capabilities
  • Flexible resource capacities
  • Structured information exchange and collaboration

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Technology Expertise