Why join us?

A seasoned management team comprised of enterprise technology professionals - people who have deep domain expertise and a passion for technology, lead our company. To join this team you have to know and love technology and be excited about the prospects of using technology to create winning business models. This brings a unique focus and fire to our business, from top to bottom. We attract recruits that are interested in something other than a routine and boring job. The rewards, however, are big and we celebrate as a team when we accomplish great things on behalf of our customers.

Our global expansion began with the opening of our US operation. We are proud to say that all our growth has been organic - we're investing in quality and longevity and won't do anything that might dilute or distract us from our work, our customers and our future.

Although we have grown a lot, we work very hard at remaining un-hierarchical. We have many talented individuals who are at the top of their game so our approach is to focus this talent by empowering them. We emphasize teamwork and customer delivery above false internal goals and unnecessary management layers.
We still have big plans and we need more energetic, capable technology professionals who can continue to shape and grow Netpro. Talent is the foundation to our continued success. We actively seek the brightest and best talent to deliver on our commitments.

We try harder to make sure our employees feel part of a close-knit team where mutual respect and common goals keep everyone smiling. We never forget that there are no dress rehearsals in life... and if you are going to spend so much of it working, then it better be fulfilling!

If you would like to join the team, please forward your application for consideration and we will contact you if a suitable vacancy is there. Please send your CV to hrd@netprotechnologies.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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